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Any recommendations for registered office for a company

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Small company client is moving house but using rented accommodation for a while before buying. He would liked to use a registered office service for his company.  I think the director really just wants mail forwarding. Anyone got any recommendations - there seem to be some surprisingly cheap offers from company formation agents online but not sure if anyone can confirm they work fine.


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By D V Fields
02nd Feb 2023 22:57

I use First Corporate Law Services for registered addresses which includes mail forwarding and for online Company Secretarial registers. Very helpful, no complaints and reasonably priced.

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By FCExtraordinaire
07th Feb 2023 09:59

1st Formations in London, works fine for my home based clients.

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
07th Feb 2023 10:22

British Monomarks in Gloucester Street, London.

Reliable and confidential. They won't give out your clients' private details or addresses easily.

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