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Registering a client for VAT using ASA

registered a client for VAT using ASA, have email asking me to logon and check messages but nothing

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So I registered a client for VAT using my ASA a few days ago, I have just had an email asking me to login using the same details as there is a message there, presumably the VAT registration details.  However I log on and there is nowhere to see any messages, and of course I can't go in to manage the clients account as I have no VAT number and of course am not yet registered as their agent for VAT.

Any idea how to get the details or do we just have to wait for the client to get the letter in the post??  I have always waited before but this one is re-registering after de-registering only last year and I want to check there are no problems.

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By julie.severn
11th Dec 2020 10:29

Have you tried logging in the normal HMRC login page rather than the ASA page but using your ASA login details - it takes you to the good old fashioned green page and one of the first things on the screen is communications (I know the login screens are identical but it depends what you google to get there, it actually makes a difference where it takes you after you login!)

Must admit, I didn't know you could register a client using your ASA, I've always carried on using my original agent account and the messages come up fine on that.

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Replying to julie.severn:
By Luke
11th Dec 2020 10:39

Fantastic, that worked - thank you!

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