Registering a UTR for SA using agent portal

Registering a UTR for SA using agent portal

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I do some research on Google and this website. I see this topic is similar to my case ( but I am not sure it is still working. Last year I had done 2 new clients like this way and was quick. This time I did for 2 and It has been 3 weeks already. Not sure if I need the 64-8 form or not as the guide on Government Web I assume I do not need it. Anyone who can share your experience would be great. Thanks.


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By Wanderer
27th Feb 2024 23:42

"Registering a UTR for SA ..." doesn't make sense.

That linked thread is for registering a client as Self Employed.

In you case if they already have a UTR then they are already registered for Self Assessment.

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By Cylhia66
28th Feb 2024 08:37

If you're trying to register a client for Self-Assessment, do this from the online services link and use your old agent's credentials to sign in.

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