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Registering as an agent for self assessment

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Hi, this is my first January in my practice. I'm getting approached by clients to do their self assessment tax returns, which is great, but I'm looking for some advice on what to do with setting myself up to be their tax agent with HMRC. Is the quickest way to do this online under authorise a client? It takes about a week or 2 to get set up therefore I'm thinking of having a cut off and not take on anymore new clients as the set up completion will be too close to the filing deadline, I'm worried I won't be set up in time to file their return. Be interested to know what others do??

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By Tim Vane
08th Jan 2020 14:30

You don't need to be setup as their agent to file their return. You can file a return with just their UTR.

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By Matrix
08th Jan 2020 14:36

Assuming you are using third party software, then you don’t need to be their agent to file. Since HMRC software is much more cumbersome then I assume you have invested in software.

You won’t have access to their record but can cope without it - I am waiting on a few codes and have emailed clients to ask them to confirm they made the payments on account per last year’s return. Obviously you won’t see underpayments etc but HMRC helpfully adjust the return for these if missed.

Anyway don’t turn clients away for this reason (there may be other reasons!).

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By Msweet
08th Jan 2020 22:21

Thank you for your reply this has really helped.

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By meadowsaw227
14th Jan 2020 12:33

I would not take on any client looking for a new accountant in January as it tells me all I want know about what they would be like as a client ! .

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