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Registering as an agent - VAT/Self-Assessment

Not seeing clients list

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Hi All,


I am just recently starting out in practice. I am in the process of taking on a handful of clients. One of my clients has asked me to take care of their VAT. I have registered myself as an agent, they have received a copy of the activation code and sent this to me. I have gone into my HMRC account and put in the code and it has been accepted. My question is - where do I go next? How do I access their account? From my understanding I should be able to see my client list, but I am not able to find it anywhere. I am not sure if I am looking in the wrong place, or if it has not "gone through" yet, in which case do you know how long it will take?


In addition to the above, I wanted to check the process for obtaining agent authority for a self assessment return. To do this I registered myself. All went fine - the code arrived in the post, I went online to put the code in on the agent page and it accepted. Now if I look on my personal HMRC page it shows my company as being my agent, but when I go online via the agent page I do not appear anywhere (same as the above issue - I cannot see a client list). This has now been a copuple of weeks.


I have tried to call HMRC, but keep getting the "we are busy" message and then they hang up.


Can anyone assist me? I have a new client who needs their VAT doing and I do not want them to think I am not capable.






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15th Apr 2019 12:33

Are you trading as a company or an individual - it's difficult to say which from your post.

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to memyself-eye
15th Apr 2019 13:10


sorry for not being clear. I have set up my own limited company. The company has registered and received the reference numbers to act as an agent (for CT/VAT/SA...).

I am personally registered for SA. In order to check the process I registered my limited co to act as my agent.

Hope this helps to clarify.

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15th Apr 2019 13:12

It takes a day or two for the authorisation to update on HMRC systems, so if you've only just input the code you'll need to wait.

If it's already been a day or two it's likely that the client is unallocated, in which case you'll need to allocate them to a user. To do so:

Login to your account
Choose "Manage Account on the upper right"
On the next page, choose "Manage Team Access - on the left"
On the next page, choose "Clients" at the top
Leave "Taxes and schemes" as Any, and change "Assigned to" to Nobody
Go through and assign each.
Wait another day, and they should show on your client list.

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to SteLacca
15th Apr 2019 14:51

Hi SteLeacca,

thank you for your reply.

When I follow your instructions it still shows as a blank when I select "clients".

I just tried calling HMRC again but got cut off yet again. Will try and call them again earlier tomorrow and hope for better luck...

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to Mikey-Mikey-Mikey
15th Apr 2019 15:20

It won't show them immediately. Despite HMRC requiring information in real time, their own systems are far from capable of processing in real time.

At the earliest, it will be tomorrow, possibly Wednesday.

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By zarar
15th Apr 2019 15:15

I find it can take up to a week after authorisation for them to show up sometimes

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By SXGuy
15th Apr 2019 15:53

Edit: miss read question

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