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Registering as an employer using structured email

Does anyone have the link to register with HMRC for PAYE using structured email?

I used to use the short forms (structured emails) to register clients for PAYE but have spent ages and cannot google the link anymore. It was far far quicker than using the current HTML rubbish. Does anyone still have the link for it please?


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20th Nov 2018 11:52

the aforementioned link stopped working some time ago.

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20th Nov 2018 12:28
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By d500
to Red Leader
20th Nov 2018 12:42

Thank you. But that's the new link. The old structured email was very quick and straightforward. You didnt have to click a button to agree to pages of terms and conditions for clients. It annoys be greatly why the incompetents at HMRC want agents to agree to pages and pages of terms and conditions for clients and where for example you have submit a VAT return for a client you the agent have to tick a box to agree to a statement which says something like the figures submitted are true and honest"!!. (true to the best of my belief would be acceptable). As ketteringUK said, the old link appears to be defunct now.

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