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Registering as HMRC agent for person with LPA

Registering as HMRC agent for individual with Lasting Power of Attorney

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I propose to submit paper 64-8

 I ( name of attorney)

Attorney for

Name of tax payer

Address of attorney

Will HMRC require certified copy of LPA?








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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
17th Jul 2017 15:09

I would think they will want a copy as you will be signing on behalf of the tax payer.

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By Jack Spratt
17th Jul 2017 17:57

From what you say it seems that your client is already registered as a tax payer and you want to register as his/her tax agent.
Why don't you apply online for authorisation and HMRC will send your client an authorisation code. Presumably the client's attorney deals with the post and can let you have the authorisation code.
Signing the tax return is another matter.

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Replying to Jack Spratt:
By CJaneH
18th Jul 2017 13:19

new client suffering from dementia. Now in residential home Attorney now will be acting. Lives in different part of UK so if number sent to 'home address' no guarantee will be transferred to me within time limit.

That is why I though Attorney and copy of LPA better route.

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By Cheshire
18th Jul 2017 14:21

Has the attorney informed HMRC they are acting? Can they not go online and amend the 'home address' to their address so thy get any future corres? Not sure what time limit you are working to, but the paper version you wish to send can take easily upwards of 6 weeks for HMRC to process, assuming it doesn't get lost, there or getting there, but if you are sending the paper version then sling a (certified?) copy of the PoA in with it.

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