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Registering for VAT in other EU countries

Company distance selling goods.......

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to the UK and various other countries across the EU.

Since the fall in value of the pound business from other EC countries has increased significantly and it looks as though VAT Registration will be required in other EC countries.

Has anyone used an external agency or adviser to submit other EC country VAT Returns and if so can you recommend someone who isn't going to charge a fortune? 

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By Mallock
22nd Sep 2016 15:06

I don't know what happened to the first part of the question but it should read: I have a client who is a UK VAT Registered company distance selling goods to individuals in the UK and various other countries across the EU.

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By shaun king
22nd Sep 2016 15:28

I am afraid thaty most European agents ( I know a lot) charge as you say a fortune because in a lot of cases they are joint and severally liable for any VAT debts incurred in that country.

It is the UK along with a small number of EU Member states that allow us to act as agent and not a tax rep.

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