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Registering for VAT/PAYE for a foreign owned co.

Is there a more efficient way of doing it?

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I have just opened a limited company as a subsidiary of a well known Irish company. As neither of the directors has a UK NI number, I had to sit on the phone to HMRC for ages to get them registered for VAT and PAYE. It was painful but it is done. 

One thought I had is that it would have been easier to open the company in my name, register for VAT and PAYE and then sell the shares to the non-resident parent co. Obviously this sort of thing happens when a UK company that is trading is bought out by foreigners in an arms-length transaction. There are no rules against this. 

However in this instance of me registering and then transferring, my initial concerns would be that the sole purpose was to circumnavigate the HMRC registration process and that would get you into trouble. 

Anyone any thoughts on this?

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