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Registering new CIO & bank accounts

Which comes first, the CIO or the bank account (you need each for the other)?

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I'm setting up a new charity as a CIO. We are trading as a CIC but don't want to close that as there are activities that aren't charitable under law.

To register with the CC you need a bank account, to open a charities bank account you need a Reg number from CC. How do you square the circle?

Can I give the CIC bank account to the CC as part of the registration paperwork until the new charity is registered and then open a new account in the charity's name?

At the moment the advice from Triodos (who weren't very sure of themselves) was to open a new account as an unincorporated group, register, then open a new account as the charity and close the temp account. Which all sounds slightly farcical but this is world of business banking, so could be true?

And the CC won't talk to anyone pre-registration, which is helpful.

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