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Regulatory and Compliance services FOR accountants

Is there anyone that provides compliance services for accountants?

When I do a Google search I come up with accountants offering compliance services rather than wanting them!

However a lot of financial services businesses outsource their compliance and we are thinking of doing likewise and contracting a consultant at arms length to help keep us compliant with the day to day accountancy practice regulatory requirements.

We envisage the person basically using our current Mercia Practice Assurance Manual etc. and monitoring us, whilst we get on with advising clients.

Does any other accountancy firms go down this route and if so, can you recommend anyone, ideally based in NW England?





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14th Mar 2018 16:52

If you are using the Mercia manual have you thought of asking Mercia?
In terms of MLRO that has to be someone within the organisation but he / she can be assisted by an outside contractor.

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