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Employee reimbursed cancelled flight

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An employee books a flight, gets reimbursed by employer.  The flight is subsequently cancelled and employee gets a refund from airline.  How can employer get a refund from employee? The employee is happy to pay employer back.  Is it a case of raising an invoice? Expense Management system won't allow for negative amounts to be entered.

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By AW95
30th May 2024 13:25

EE pays money back to ER.

Receipt in bank is recorded to the same place the payment was in the accounting system.

Keep some form of documentation accessible to explain what happened.

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By Bobbo
30th May 2024 15:56

Is employee not booking another flight to replace the one cancelled? Employee deducts the amount refunded from the claim for the replacement flight, sorted.

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Replying to Bobbo:
30th May 2024 17:01

No replacement flight being booked

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By Truthsayer
30th May 2024 16:36

'Expense Management system won't allow for negative amounts'

Then it is not fit for purpose. I suggest addressing the cause of the problem, not just the symptom, and change systems.

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Replying to Truthsayer:
By JB101
30th May 2024 16:56

One that can handle credit notes and refunds.

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By D V Fields
30th May 2024 21:16

A good old fashioned cheque payment or bank transfer from the employee?

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By FactChecker
30th May 2024 23:47

"How can employer get a refund from employee?"
- by employee transferring money to employer OR employee agreeing to have that sum deducted from next net pay OR (the choices are nearly unlimited)

"Is it a case of raising an invoice?"
- no (what is being supplied by employer under the invoice?)

"Expense Management system won't allow for negative amounts to be entered"
- if true, it's a rubbish system and should be replaced ASAP.

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