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Related party and Associated company

Is this company an associated company for related party disclosures

I have read ch 33 FRS102 and am checking I am reading this correctly!

Co A is a small company owned by Mr & Mrs B - 50% shares each. Both directors.

Co B is a large company (as part of a group) but ultimately owned by Mr B 50% & Mr X 50% (not related).

Co A trades with Co B commercially and shares premises with B (for which it pays rent). 

33.4 seems to conflict with 33.2 vii - so is the company associated for related party disclosures? I am thinking yes but not 100% sure.







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14th Feb 2018 06:08

I would say yes.

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By johnt27
to atleastisoundknowledgable...
15th Feb 2018 10:25


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