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Releasing working papers to forensic accountant - what safeguards

Releasing working papers to forensic accountant...

A client suffered a work related injury five years ago. This has now been to court and the next stage is to determine the financial loss etc. as a result of the injury and the solicitors have asked whether we are prepared to share our working papers with their forensic accountant. 

We don't have a problem with this and have working papers (in excel format) going back 10 years.

However there is, presumably, some form or wording or protocol, to protect us completely from any action as a result of releasing our working papers. Does anyone know what assurances we should request?

I would add that as far as we are aware our workings are fine, but neither is there any point in taking unnecessary risks.



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07th Mar 2016 12:50

make sure

you obtain ,in writing, your client's authority to disclose anything

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07th Mar 2016 13:36

Hold harmless

Are you thinking of a hold harmless letter?

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07th Mar 2016 20:34

Agreed, a hold harmless letter is what you're after. And as Innkeeper mentions, obtain written client authority to release the information.

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