Relief on Rent-to-Rent operation

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Is there any way to get maximum relief on the capital expenditure done by the rent-to-rent operator other than capital allowances, as capital allowances in the rental business is not applicable.

Do I need to change my accountant? 

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By okyes
07th Feb 2024 12:16

Yes do change the accountant, because there are many reliefs which are available which obviously they don't know. And I am well aware of those reliefs.
BUT to give you the ways to claim relief, I will charge you 4000 pounds.
Thank you.

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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
07th Feb 2024 12:20

Probably not; but not enough detail to say. I'd wager they wouldn't be allowable so you're accountant flagging this is a good thing (they probably know what they are doing). You'll need to change your whole business model to get the relief.

Rent to rent model (assuming standard long term let) probably means you'll never get tax relief.

Edit: or sign up with okyes. Might want to suggest % of tax saved to make sure they are well motivated though ;)

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