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Remote access

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Has anyone experience of using remote access to perform accounts production, tax returns, etc. This would be from one office to another or working from home but tapping in to the work computer.
There is PC anywhere and another product called goto mypc or something like that. These are (for me) simple to understand and not expensive, but do they work?
Then there is the VPN but this is too technical for me and probably expensive (for a sole practitioner).
I am just trying to find a way to work out of more than one location but with access to the main office.
Comments would be much appreciated.
Ashley Fox

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By Stewart Twynham
25th Apr 2005 18:12
For a sole practitioner, without the desire to invest in infrastructure, then nothing comes close to gotomypc (

It's based on Citrix technology - which is as good as it gets when it comes to remote thin-client technology. If you can see the application on your PC, you can see it 10,000 miles away just as easily.

Plus - there's a free trial!

PC/Anywhere is really a remote administration tool, and far too fussy - plus you'll either need to connect in via a modem, or you'll end up opening up a big security hole into your network. And it's not as efficient as Citrix.

VPNs aren't a "remote access solution" par-se - you'll still need a mechanism to access your machine or data. So although not expensive - plenty of low-cost routers and firewalls support them - it's not the full story.

Plus there are lots of gotchas that mean VPNs are not for the faint hearted. After all, do you really want to consider the compatability issues of running behind NAT with certain IPSEC compliant VPN technologies, or do you want to consider L2TP or PPTP? No, thought not!

Stewart Twynham
[email protected]

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By AnonymousUser
26th Apr 2005 08:46

Keytime endorses GoToMyPc
We can endorse the comments below - we use GotToMyPc and its associated product GoToAssist and they are both excellent, reliable solutions.

Wouldn't be without them now.


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By listerramjet
26th Apr 2005 09:01

the main contenders
Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services are main contenders. Both enable you to establish a connection into the office network. I have used Terminal Services over a VPN using an internet connection and a 56K modem, and used it to run Access, Excel, time and fees, and email. It works fine. Some set up is required, not least to ensure security issues are resolved.

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By NeilW
26th Apr 2005 09:23

There is another
There is also, which has the distinct advantage of being free to use.


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