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Remote Desktop Provider Recommendations

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I was wondering what companies/providers people use for hosting their desktops in the cloud.

I am currently looking to access my systems anytime, from various machines, where I have access to the internet. The majority of my software is cloud based (with the exception of payroll) and my files are stored on my server at home. I want to be able to access these files on the go, as well as run payroll, amoung other things.

I have looked at combinations such as Suitefile, OneDrive, Primo / My PAYE to try and get what I want, but feel that a remote access would be better as I wouldnt have to change my current systems which are working (with the exception of limited access).

Any help / advice is much appreciated.

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By Moonbeam
09th May 2019 13:08

I've been using Hosted Desktop UK for a number of years. A lot of us on Aweb are very happy with them.

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By johnhemming
09th May 2019 14:44

Google/Chrome provide quite a good remote desktop service. Reading your OP it does not strike me that you necessarily need your home computer hosted somewhere, but could want to access your home computer remotely. You can then leave it at home.

Teamviewer and things like that are quite competent, but personally I use Chrome Remote Desktop which is also free.

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By James Green
09th May 2019 17:14

Another recommendation for Hosted Desktop UK.

Good company and service.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
11th May 2019 09:39

If it is just one computer then remote access software like Teamviewer would work fine. If your adding more people or computers then using a cloud provider who can essential host your computer is likely to be a better option. Our company helps in these areas.

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By Carl London
13th May 2019 22:42

I have used Cloud2Me for a few years, much better value than the big names! We use it for Taxcalc, Brightpay & Office365.

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Replying to Carl London:
By Louise A Williamson
16th May 2019 10:46

I agree - Cloud2Me are fantastic. Great customer service - 1st class.

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By nekillim
16th May 2019 11:01

I use Remote-Utilities. Excellent product and completely free. Unlike some of the others!

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By Charlie Carne
16th May 2019 11:07

There are numerous options that will allow you to remotely access your home server but I would strongly recommend that you consider storing your files either (i) on a secure, remote hosted desktop (if you need to run software remotely as well as accessing files - in which case I heartily endorse others' recommendation of Hosted Desktop UK) or (ii) in a secure, cloud-based storage platform, such as Google's G Suite or Microsoft's Office 365 (if you only need document storage and can run the software on your local machine wherever you are). Your home network is unlikely to offer the level of security required to prevent hackers (unless you are an expert, in which case you wouldn't have asked this question). Not only will you boost the security of your client data by hosting it in a secure environment, but you will also avoid the need to back up your home systems, nor will you need to worry about viruses, etc. Any device you use (including your home computer) will simply access the remote data and will delete it once done.

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By Ben Foulds
16th May 2019 11:17

Thank you for the recommendations @Moonbeam & @JamesGreen.
Feel free to call me or one of my team if you would like to find out more about what we do and the types of companies we do it for.
Ben Foulds - 0203 9971870

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By djn
16th May 2019 17:07

What kind of costs are you looking at for hosted?
I reckon we could get 4 years out of a good spec serve.
So the costs for us (16 staff) seem to be much higher using hosted desktop. I think before year 3 the costs are already more with hosted desktop.
I know the question wasnt about cost but would ne interested.
We currently have remote desktop running on the office and then I access this from home though splashtop after logmein hiked the prices up.

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