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REMOTE working software, share screens

any suggestions on modestly priced or free software, screen sharing ideally

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Have any AWEBers experience  of screen sharing software.

I have had no real  need, until now.

Likewise most of my client  base have little or no experinece  of screen sharing.

Typical use:

I want want ot run through a set of  final accounts

Or some management   accounts .

Ideally , I would like to train my own clients to use the software too, so ease of use and intuitive solution welcomed.

There is a plethora of solutions on the web, making wide ranging  claims but I would like to narrow the selection

Awebbers own experiences  welcomed:  good bad and ugly.

I hope you are keeping well in these challenging  and constantly  changing times

Many thanks




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By JimLittle
28th Mar 2020 22:22

Skype is free. Whole world seems to be obsessed with Zoom. I used it today and its good.

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By leicsred
28th Mar 2020 22:30

You could email them a set of accounts (password protected) then phone them to talk them through.

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By frankfx
28th Mar 2020 23:39

The talk through is my current modus operandi.

But asking them to scroll to a place and so on loses effect.
I have accepted this for some time

But with the world now seemingly remote I want to up my game.

Having been somewhere complacent to date, the time to adapt is now.

I may make a virtue of this with clients, shared screen discussion becoming the norm , rather than talk through approach.

Thanks for the late in the evening replies, more so with clocks on fast forward!!

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
29th Mar 2020 07:55

I email mine the accounts to read, and come back with any questions. Given that the accounts are issued up to 9 months after the year end and most queries arise during their preparation then there isn't really much to talk about other than the tax.

But Skype is easy enough for most scenarios, it works on most devices, is free and you can screen share. Zoom's good too.

Make sure you use a large monitor in HD so you can see their eyes glaze over as if they were in the room!

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Replying to Arthur Putey:
By Rgab1947
02nd Apr 2020 09:45

"Make sure you use a large monitor in HD so you can see their eyes glaze over as if they were in the room!"


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By paulhammett
29th Mar 2020 08:12

WhatsApp video is also free and simple to use on a mobile phone.

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By jpcentral
29th Mar 2020 08:31

Try Teamviewer or Ultraviewer.

They allow you to log on to your clients computer, control it and you can talk on the phone at the same time. Works for us.

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By Samantha20
29th Mar 2020 12:34

Microsoft Teams allows you to share screens

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By frankfx
29th Mar 2020 14:31

I was a guest on the above app.

Any one using it regularly?

From guest viewpoint, it was seamless .

MS Teams I will will look at that.
I will want to ensure that guests do not have to have Outlook or Hotmail account, hassle at their end.

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By nrw
30th Mar 2020 10:41


- Google Hangouts
- Zoom
- Microsoft Teams
- Skype

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By frankfx
30th Mar 2020 12:14

Thanks for the input.

I had overlooked Skype for screen sharing.

Did a dry run.


Noticed that I wanted to open a folder/ file from the folder list.

Of course list of client names were momentarily visible on the
" shared" screen

Message to Self

"Plan and prepare in advance"

And be adept at switching from shared mode

Conclusion, for most of my requirements Skype looks like the real deal.

Zoom. Boris Johnson was criticised for using Zoom. Some vulnerability, highlighted by Government own security.

I hear that Exeter University prohibit Zoom use .


Out of interest I attended the Taxfiler PM webinar last week

At the top of the screen was
"screen print download" button.

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By ksulh1
02nd Apr 2020 09:18

if you have downloaded chrome try its free and works much better than team viewer or even share files via a dropbox link

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By Rgab1947
02nd Apr 2020 09:43

Zoom. Its free if you can keep it to under 45 mins.

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By pauljohnston
02nd Apr 2020 09:47

45 minutes to discuss accounts wow must be fantastic sleep aid

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By ArianBloodwood
02nd Apr 2020 10:54

Wire is really good cos all comms are fully encrypted and verified secure. Up to 4 ppl on a video call, screen sharing, plus an in-call shared whiteboard which is super handy. A guest room too for meeting potential clients, also encrypted - it means the other person doesn't need to have Wire installed.

Not free but pretty cheap. Very stable and good quality video.

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