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Remove Full Statutory Accs from Companies House

Is it possible to remove Full Statutory Accounts filed with Companies House?

Is it possible to remove Full Statutory Accounts filed with Companies House and replace them with abbreviated / Abbridged Accounts?  The accountants have filed Ful Accounts in error.



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18th Apr 2018 15:13


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18th Apr 2018 15:28

You can file amended accounts with Companies House, and they will be accepted, but the old ones stay on the record if you care to look.

Credit rating agencies and other online services may be 'fooled' by selecting the latest set only, but Companies House (which is now free) won't be.

If it is that desperate, you can get a court order to remove the 'incorrect' filing. It'll cost a LOT and take months. For a small company, certainly not worth it.

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18th Apr 2018 15:32

There's alot of it about, I've noticed, particularly un-filleted micro-entity.

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18th Apr 2018 15:36

There was a thread on here ages ago where an accountant had coaxed CoHo into removing full accounts filed by accident. He gave them a call and sobbed uncontrollably into the phone, if I remember correctly.

Possible but improbable is, imho, the correct answer.

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to lionofludesch
18th Apr 2018 16:01

Yes. Seems to depend on who you get on the end of the phone. A few years ago I messed up with a shortening of a year end and fat fingered the month in wrong and shortened to June 2015 rather than July 2015 year end.

Rang Companies House immediately upon realising the error and the lady gleefully told me to get cracking with a court order to get the filing removed. I hung up and then did what another colleague had advised someone else to do. Shortened the new June 2016 year end to July 2015 and filed accounts immediately.

All problems went away.

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to thevaliant
07th Jul 2018 10:47

Presumably you had to file two sets of accounts: one to June 2015 and a second to July 2015, as the June 2015 ARD wasn't extended?

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