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Removing incorrect period extension at CH

Removing incorrect period extension at CH

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An audit client has extended their year end by one month, instead of a 13 month period.

There are circumstances underlying the above, which I won't go into.

However, is it possible to remove the incorrect extension at CH and submit the correct one without undue hassle?

In a nutshell, their 28.02.17 was extended to 31.03.17. Is it possible to remove the extension to 31.03.17, file the 28.02.17 accounts, then extend the 28.02.18 period to 31.03.18?


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Hallerud at Easter
31st Aug 2017 15:52

You can take it back but you maybe cannot extend it again within the five years.

"It’s very easy to change the accounting reference period, by using the appropriate online form. You can change the current or previous accounting period and there is no limit to shortening, but you can only extend once in five years (except in certain circumstances, see chapter 2 Life of a company: annual requirements)."

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By lionofludesch
31st Aug 2017 15:59

Agree. I think the problem is that you've already extended a period, so you can't extend again until 2022.

I suppose you can always make an application for clemency to CoHo, using the "my client is an idiot" argument. Which is surprisingly successful.

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By Grayson Moore
31st Aug 2017 16:25

We had a situation where a junior staff member had inadvertently applied a period extension to the wrong year.

We contacted Companies House and were able to sort it by shortening the incorrect year back to the original year end date and then extending the correct year. The extension required the entering of a code which Companies House supplied to get around the 5 year rule issue.

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Replying to Grayson Moore:
By lionofludesch
31st Aug 2017 16:38

It's nice to know that the "my client is an idiot" rule can be extended to "my junior staff member is an idiot".

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By tugwilson
31st Aug 2017 16:52

Let he who hath not sinned cast the first calculator.

Thanks for all your comments guys. Really helpful.

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Replying to tugwilson:
By lionofludesch
31st Aug 2017 17:04

It's not about sinning, tug.

It's about having an excuse accepted.


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Flag of the Soviet Union
By thevaliant
31st Aug 2017 22:33

Obviously, the answer is to shorten the year back again.

This leaves you in the position of being unable to extend the later year end following the rules.

The answer of contacting Companies House is a good one to resolve that.

I will also say however, that if you tick the box 'The company is extending to align with a group company within the EEA' then Companies House accept this lie at face value.

Yes, I've seen the above. It was a blatant lie by the company concerned (one man band company) but no one checks.

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