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Rent a Room Relief and Property Allowance

Can one person get both reliefs (on separate income streams)?

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Client is renting a room in his home and he is renting out a separate property. Can he get the rent a room relief on his own home and the property allowance on the rental property? I can't find anything to say they are mutually exclusive unless on the same business. I assume this can be viewed as two separate property businesses? Previous accountant didn't allow both so I am worried that I am missing something! He also received a salary from his own company but I don't think that is relevant.  Thank you for your help

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By Tim Vane
04th May 2019 15:21

The other accountant is probably correct although you don’t give enough info to be sure. You seem to think it is possible for an individual to have 2 UK property businesses. It isn’t.

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By Wanderer
04th May 2019 18:34
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