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rental income claim for loss relief

rental income claim for loss relief

An SA claim has been made "in time " for rental income losses for the year 2006/07 to be carried forward.

The return for 2007/08 was commenced on the 01/04/2012 and genuinely returned too late on the evening of the 05/04/2012 only to find the return could not be filed .

Two questions ;

Is there a case for appeal for late submission of 2007/08 return because HMRC failed to provide a filing service (despite there advance notice ) on such a sensitive day, the issue is the claiming of loss relief forward in respect of the rental income losses for 2007/08, hmrc will of course collect the taxes due on other income as reported in the "out of time" return ?

If in a worst case the claim for 2007/08 was deemed out of date for a claim for loss relief  , does this affect the ability to carry forward the losses for 2006/07 bearing in mind they were claimed " in time" 


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