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Rental income + Receiving Pension Credit.

Self Assessment, of Rental Income and receiving Pension Credit.

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Hello all.

Helping client (69 year old)to submit tax return declaring his rental income for 2018/2019 about £1500 for that year  and will be around £3,500 from this year..

I know the pension credit is Tax-free state benefit, is it inclusive of state pension and the state pension will still need to be declared on the tax return, or the state pension is deffered??

either way there is no tax to pay by the client for 2018/2019 as the income with state pension would be less than £8k.

Thank you for your comments.. 

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By lesley.barnes
19th Jan 2020 13:33

The state pension goes on the tax return, pension credit doesn't. You mention deferred are you saying the state pension for your client is deferred - in which case it doesn't go on the tax return because the client isn't in receipt of it.

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