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Should I report to the SFA as well as an SAR to the NCA

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A client has told me that he paid a commission to an employee of a large concern in order to secure a contract. As a practising accountant, am I required to make a report to the SFA (who deal with Bribery Act offences) as well as possibly making an SAR to the NCA?

So far, the client has only asked me for advice about how to record the transaction. I intend to advise him to take legal advice but that I think this is probably an illegal payment. Is this sufficient to trigger the exemption from making an SAR due to legal professional privilege?

Thank you.

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By gillybean04
23rd Nov 2021 16:06

Apples and oranges I believe (although happy to be corrected).

Requirement to SAR under PACE. LPP (or rather "auditor" or "tax advisor" privilege, since LPP doesn't extend unless you're a legally qualified practising solicitor) under schedule 36 FA 2008.

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By Wanderer
23rd Nov 2021 19:18

Doubt if the Scottish Football Association is in the least bit interested, unless it involves them or one of their teams.

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