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Reporting CGT property disposal for clients online

2 disposals - 2 reports?

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I am trying to report the disposal of 2 properties on the same date for a client using the online agents service.

We have the property account number & I have entered most of the information.  However there are 2 properties involved and in the first section I stated that there were 2 disposals.  The next section then asks for the details of one property, then losses & exemptions & then you are asked for the capital gains liability so far this tax year.

Do they mean for both properties or for just one? Do they want the documentation & calculations for both properties or just the one?  

I cannot create a 2nd report as you are only allowed one online & I've been cut off 3 times trying to get through on the Agents line.

Any ideas?







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By gainsborough
26th Jun 2020 09:04

From HMRC's website: "For properties that are disposed of from 6 April 2020 you must report and pay using the Capital Gains Tax on UK property disposal service. You will be able to report multiple disposals with the same completion date on one return".

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By Duhamel
26th Jun 2020 09:42

I have encountered this problem with a colleague. You are right, that the form asks for number of disposals but only lets you give the address details of one.

There is no workaround. I seem to recall you can upload workings? I would upload works for both and give the net tax result of both. Then keep a note of what you have done in case there are any queries from HMRC.

The form is terribly designed.

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