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Reporting from 3 separate ERP systems

Internal report generation from 3 separate ERP systems, regionally/globally

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Hi all,

I would like a little advice on how I can report various types of information from 3 separate ERP systems. I work for a company which has three different ERP systems which process data for three associated entities in three different geographic locations. The three different entities share a management team and operate economically like one unit. It would be ideal to be able to report summary and detailed information globally and regionally for these entities, however, I am unsure how I can achieve this in a cost effective way as the three different ERP systems are very different in nature. The systems are Sage 200, Xero and Quickbooks desktop version.

ODBC reporting: Initially, I was thinking I could set up ODBC links for each ERP system, then output whatever data is required onto a spreadsheet based report. However, I have been advised by a colleague that this is not possible as Quickbooks is not ideal for ODBC reporting. Is this correct, or is there another cost effective or better way to achieve what I am looking for? I'd like a bit of pointing me in the right direction towards best practice from this website, so any advice, even if very general, would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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By paulwakefield1
28th May 2020 08:06

How often do you want to report? If periodically, then at the lowest level, csv exports from the 3 systems and using Excel and Power Query (aka Get and Transform) would be an effective, quick and cheap solution. And easy to maintain.

I have not used ODBC with Quickbooks but I had understood that there is an ODBC driver available for it.

If you can interrogate the various databases directly via ODBC, I would still use Power Query (and/or Power Pivot if necessary although that involves a steeper learning curve) to pull together the data into a consistent consolidated format from which you can generate your reports and dashboards.

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By tom123
28th May 2020 08:20

I would persevere with ODBC if you can - I really couldn't do my work without all my queries. Plus the ability to refresh instantly as you are working through the month end.

I use Sage 200,

Even if you get 2 out of three to ODBC, and then combine with a csv that would work.

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
28th May 2020 15:36

No ODBC for Xero either. You don't mention how it is done at the moment or whether the legal entities, base currencies or charts of accounts are different, but I would try and create an identically formatted report in each system then export it to Excel, based on the TB or P&L and BS. You could look at 3rd party reporting tools to manage the actual reporting and analysis but it depends what level of detail and complexity is needed.

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By tom123
28th May 2020 15:41

It is a shame you haven't managed to migrate some of these systems together - is there a reason why you are not going down that path?

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