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Require recommendations of OCR scanning App

Looking at efficient ways of entering receipts into excel

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Sole trader has given me unexpectedly piles of receipts. Side issue looks like there are some personal receipts included as well.

What is the quickiest way of listing all the receipts line by line in excel and categorise them.  I have had a look at some apps here and downloaded a couple but don't seem to scan that well (doesn't pick up all the most important informaiton like amount) or do not list them to download into excel

I have a scanner and wondered if there was any software where I can scan more than one receipt at the time ?

Just require some recommendations - thank you.

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By SXGuy
11th Jul 2019 19:31

Easiest way if manually entering is litterally entering them line by line.

I like to add a column for category.

Then when finished just create a formula in a box to look up all results based on category in that column then total them.

You can find the correct formula by using the help option.

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By daniel_
11th Jul 2019 20:24

I believe AutoEntry can do a whole page of receipts scanned as a single image and split into many. It'll try to work out the supplier in each case as well.

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Replying to daniel_:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
11th Jul 2019 21:33

Plus it does export to CSV.

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By johnt27
12th Jul 2019 09:51

Your best options are Receipt Bank or AutoEntry. You could also consider Hubdoc or Datamolino. All will let you scan multiple documents and export to excel or other cloud accounting apps.

The problem with the website you've found and many similar is that:
a) they tend to be American, so often not suitable for UK market
b) they are written for businesses, not for accountants
c) they generally don't have a clue!

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By David Gordon FCCA
18th Jul 2019 10:56

Sometimes I do wonder. In spite of trying hard to wean myself off replying to Accounting Web, I just get caught.
This is what sole traders do, it is part of their lifestyle
Find your self a trustworthy 16 year old who will for a small fee happily sit and list the stuff for you. A 16 year is probably more competent at Excel than you are.
pay him £7.50 per hour and charge the client £21. Job done.
16yr old happy, money for the school holidays, client happy, you happy.
Historical note, in the days when 16yrs old were articled clerks, this how accountants worked.
You might even give him a pen and ink and a sheet of analysis paper. Except that when I recently called in at my local W H Smith and asked for a bottle of ink, the girl looked at me and in a plaintive voice asked, "What do I used it for?"
Horses for courses.

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Replying to David Gordon FCCA:
By johnt27
18th Jul 2019 11:15

Aaahhhhh, the good old days :)

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18th Jul 2019 14:24

You could of course go old school, batch your invoices into expense type and breakout the till roll calculator.

Failing that have you tried Sacn2Invoice or the ScanSnap software for this, that comes with Fujitsu Scanners. Both will link into your cloud package of choice.

As a last option I believe that QBO plan to release soon their own version of Auto Entry, built into their assortment of packages.

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18th Jul 2019 14:45

Have you tried products such as Scan2Invoice or the ScanSnap products that com with Fujitsu.

I have been advised that QBO are developing an addition to their products that works like Auto Entry.

Failing that, a good old Till-Roll Calculator and that 16 year old mentioned, who will soon be on holiday.

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By David Gordon FCCA
19th Jul 2019 10:22

Dear Johnt27
Not so much the good old days, but you use whatever equipment you have.
Evidence for the defense: That I am not a Luddite:
I bought my first PC in my office in 1979, an Apple look-alike 48k machine. It cost in 1979 money £4,000!!!
The real advantage of IT in an one or two person practice plus dog is:
The work is consistent. Whether 10:00 Monday morning or 17:00 Friday afternoon the output is tidy, consistent, and readable. Also a working program does not let you skip or forget things that you might otherwise forget.
In time expended there is no difference as regards the production of accounts, returns, and general work. For this general run of practice, only excessive legislation and the love affair that HMRC has, with cobbled together IT, has driven "Computerisation".
I suppose today's starting accountancy students would balk at learning to add-up (Cast) by practising adding telephone directory columns, or hand-writing 1,000 word essays for their exams.

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By [email protected]
19th Jul 2019 14:08

Olivetti Scanshare product can do this job very easily

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