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Require recommendations of OCR scanning App

Looking at efficient ways of entering receipts into excel

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Sole trader has given me unexpectedly piles of receipts. Side issue looks like there are some personal receipts included as well.

What is the quickiest way of listing all the receipts line by line in excel and categorise them.  I have had a look at some apps here and downloaded a couple but don't seem to scan that well (doesn't pick up all the most important informaiton like amount) or do not list them to download into excel

I have a scanner and wondered if there was any software where I can scan more than one receipt at the time ?

Just require some recommendations - thank you.


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By SXGuy
11th Jul 2019 19:31

Easiest way if manually entering is litterally entering them line by line.

I like to add a column for category.

Then when finished just create a formula in a box to look up all results based on category in that column then total them.

You can find the correct formula by using the help option.

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By daniel_
11th Jul 2019 20:24

I believe AutoEntry can do a whole page of receipts scanned as a single image and split into many. It'll try to work out the supplier in each case as well.

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to daniel_
11th Jul 2019 21:33

Plus it does export to CSV.

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By johnt27
12th Jul 2019 09:51

Your best options are Receipt Bank or AutoEntry. You could also consider Hubdoc or Datamolino. All will let you scan multiple documents and export to excel or other cloud accounting apps.

The problem with the website you've found and many similar is that:
a) they tend to be American, so often not suitable for UK market
b) they are written for businesses, not for accountants
c) they generally don't have a clue!

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