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Required Low Cost Taxation Software for new practice

Required Low Cost Taxation Software for new...

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We require a computer software package for Corporation tax Returns and Self Assessment for the sole traders. Is there any IR compliant software for the small practice - many packages seem to think in terms of large numbers of clients - we are still building our clientbase.
Stephen R Bullard

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By AnonymousUser
13th Sep 2005 18:00

Agree 100% with Davids comments - we use Drummohr which brings a new (high) definition to the words, "reliability" and "value".

In our last year with the last software supplier, we were logging a support call a week - now I have a pracitce 3 times the size and make 2 a year!

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By Anonymous
13th Sep 2005 14:56

Drummohr Technology
We use Tax Assistant from Drummohr - it covers income tax, partnership, corporation tax and P11d.

Good value, and the only time we've needed a helpline is sorting out FBI for partnership returns last year - the problem of course being at the Revenue end.

The only complaint that we've ever made is that we don't get to talk to them - we certainly were on first name terms with support at our previous suppliers!!

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By Anonymous
13th Sep 2005 13:55

Agree with Nicola
We use PTP. They have low entry-level pricing structure for low volume of clients. The software is easy to use (although the CGT interface is a bit dodgy) and the help-line is great.

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By Tosie
13th Sep 2005 10:16

Inland revenue
have a look at Inland revenue
it is all free

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By carnmores
14th Sep 2005 13:15

i keep banging the box for DIGITA

why because it is superb, and one other very important point think to the future to build a good integrated practice management system

all Digita'a products (with the exception of Cosec which is not quite reday yet?) are fully upto date based on .net architecture and SSQL.

the have acspro, taxpro, cotaxpro, cosec

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By Anonymous
13th Sep 2005 08:19

BTC Software
Have a look at BTC Software for Corp tax. Excellent value and no limit on number of returns.

I've used for the last 3 years with no problems and excellent support from BTC.

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By AnonymousUser
13th Sep 2005 08:49

Hello Stephen,

Please take a look at Keytime - a complete range of practice software is available that covers personal/partnership/corporate tax, final accounts, bureau payroll, P11D, Practice Management, Accounts.

Over 1700 firms of accountants now use Keytime software to run their practice and who have realised the cost savings available.

You can take a closer look at either our Partner page on AccWeb or at our web site

Good luck


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By Anonymous
12th Sep 2005 21:04

I set up a small pratice 2 years ago and was in the same boat as you. I used PTP from day one. Its great to use, does the job, and is very good value for money. You can buy a licence for the number of clients you need.

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By Anonymous
16th Sep 2005 06:49

Agree with Graham
PTP's CGT pages are a bit dodgy. As a result I'm not using them.

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By ptpgroup
16th Sep 2005 11:44

James, we are always open to any suggestions that our users have and wonder if you would like to contact me regarding any concerns that you have with the CGT pages of our personal tax return software. Please feel free to contact me on 01865 370470 (option 4 for Support) or alternatively send an e-mail to [email protected].

I have spoken to Graham Kemp to ascertain the nature of his comments and I have confirmed with him that we will endeavour to make it even clearer in future that the CGT pages are not displayed in full (on screen). This is because the program automatically calculates the CGT liability and completes the pages for you. Graham also commented that he is otherwise very happy with the program.

Tim Coombe
Support Supervisor
PTP Software Ltd

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By 2156806
23rd Sep 2005 04:42

I Would Recomend Drummhor
I can only agree with the other comments about Drummohr's Tax Assistant.

Just about flawless and if there is a problem it is resolved within hours.

Great value for money and a great product.

Used it to file online this year, no problems, only wish i'd taken the plunge year's ago.

They used to provide a free evaluation copy - you could try their website.

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Stephen Quay
By squay
27th Sep 2005 12:36

Digita Products
I agree with Nicola and have used Digita's software for over 10 years. Excellent integration with all core products and excellent support. I use TaxPro, AccountsPro, CoTaxPro. I am a sole practitioner and rely on the software so I need it to be reliable, accurate and easy to use. Digita are constantly developing their products so users remain at the forefront of innovation. Digita's licenses allows you to start small and upgrade as your client base grows. A pleasure to recommend them.

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By kevinringer
29th Sep 2005 13:07

Go for PTP
We’ve been using PTP for several years for individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies. The software is easy to install and easy to use – if you can fill in a Tax Return manually you’ll be able to use the software. Telephone and email support are first class. I’d recommend using FBI. Licences are scaleable from 10 clients single user through to unlimited network.

I’m not connected with PTP – just a very satisfied customer.

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