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Requiring annual leave to be taken during furlough

We would like to require staff to take some holiday during furlough

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Given that furlough is going on longer than first thought, we are considering requiring staff to take some time as holiday during this period.

We will give twice as much notice (ie 2 weeks) for the one week period.

We will top up the pay to 100% (where we are not currently doing so).

Are there any discriminatory issues in requiring furloughed staff to take this time, but not requiring the staff who are still working to take it?

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By Mr_awol
11th Jun 2020 12:44
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By tom123
11th Jun 2020 14:01

That will teach me to try to multitask!

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By lionofludesch
11th Jun 2020 18:24

Bless me, Tom.

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