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Resending client link for MTD

Link sent to client address for MTD expired. How do I generate a new one?

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Setting up clients for MTD you have to provide a client contact e-mail address. Most of these have gone smoothly, but one client had a busy week and the link had expired by the time they clicked it. 

I have the confirmation e-mail confirming this client is registered for MTD. However, they are not appearing on my ASA list. They are on my normal agent login, so it should not be a linking problem. Attempting to register them again, in case them not appearing on my ASA list meant they hadn't actually been registered for MTD, just throws up the error message showing they are already registered. 

I am assuming that not having the client e-mail confirmed won't stop MTD filing. Regardless I would prefer to have everything properly in place. How do I resend the client confirmation link?


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By RedFive
13th Aug 2019 15:34

You only have to provide a client email if they pay via direct debit.

Even then there is no link for them to click, it is just info as shown below.

Download (I'm not connected with them) and check that obligations are showing. Job done. Ignore your ASA, it's useless.

Change of VAT Direct Debit details
Dear xxx
We need to give you some information after your transfer to Making Tax Digital for VAT. This transfer may have been requested by you or by someone who deals with HMRC for you.
There is no need to take any action.
You currently pay by Direct Debit. From 5 June 2019 we will transfer your Direct Debit to a new reference xxxxxxxxxxx
The Service User name will change from HMRC e VAT to HMRC E VAT DDS. Your new service user number will be xxxxx
Your bank statement may show a final payment under your old reference and a first payment under the new reference.
We have also updated our Direct Debit terms and conditions, please read them below.
You will continue to enjoy the full benefits of the Direct Debit guarantee as detailed below, if you have a question call 0300 200 3700.
From HMRC Direct Debits

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By michaelbeaver
13th Aug 2019 15:38

One way to check if it will work is to try to load up a VAT return in your chosen software. If the client is not linked up correctly you will get an error message.

The other way that might help is to log into your agent services account here:

One of the options there is to 'track your recent authorisation requests' and see if that client comes up on the list for you to cancel and try again.

I'm still a bit at sea with all of this as well!

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blue sheep
14th Aug 2019 07:00

We had exactly the same situation, if they are registered for MTD you will still be able to file.
I could not find a way of resending the link so I suggested to the client that they setup their own HMRC login for VAT which they had not yet done, which will after all accomplish the same thing, ie the ability to setup a DD and view VAT liabilities.

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