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Resolution required for change of accounts date?

Is a resolution required to change the accounting date and if so has anyone got a template?

The articles in place for the said company are silent on the matter


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13th Mar 2018 16:31

Well, it's a highly sensitive matter and should definitely not be talked about on a public forum.

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13th Mar 2018 16:48

Directors' resolution will do.

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13th Mar 2018 16:53

I am not aware of a need , CA2006 s392 merely says a company may by notice to registrar specify a new accounting reference date, I believe the setting of it is therefore in the hands of the directors (subject of course to exclusions re S 392(3) re frequency of change.

So a board minute would likely be fine, do not think it needs to really be sent anywhere (except possibly the bank if borrowing their money)

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13th Mar 2018 16:54

Well clearly the directors need to decide to make the change. How, if at all, they wish to record the decision they have taken is an internal matter.

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