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I sent away a submission for PAYE registration on the 4 March 2024. The date that HMRC were dealing with this was noted as I think the 6 April. I checked back again today and now it's saying the 16th April. Not confident that this date won't move again before my next pay run.

I produced March payslips for the client but without any submissions and I now need to set up my files for the new year to produce payslips in April. A few of the employees have more than one job and they can't ask for an updated tax code if the company doesn't exist.

Are we all encountering greater delays.


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By williams lester accountants
11th Apr 2024 14:51

No, sent one in on 27th March, arrived back this morning.

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By coops456
11th Apr 2024 15:57

It's always slower this time of year - 5 weeks isn't unusual. Accountants often think January is the only busy period ;-)

I sent one on 25/3 and was expecting it by 25/4, but last wk it said 12/5! I've just checked again and it's marginally better - 10/5.

"We are currently processing requests received on 13 March 2024. "
so Williams Lester you did well!

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By Marky
11th Apr 2024 16:06

Thanks guys,

Coops, hopefully it should come in any day if they are processing 13 March as it was requested more than one week before that.

No relation to the great Davie Cooper?

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12th Apr 2024 19:44

Can I ask please how you are finding out that the dates have been pushed back?
We set one up 6th March and still waiting for the payroll scheme details. I did ring to chase progress week before last , then heard the message that they are taking 35 working days.

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