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Restrictions on company name

Restrictions on company name

I was asked by a client to set up a new company, which on checking was found to have a sensitive word which required approval from a certain body (not the Secretary of State), the business is health care related.

However are there any restrictions on using a sensitive word in the 'trading as' name of the business, the 'word' in question is health care related. I'm struggling to find any information on this.


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By Hansa
14th Apr 2012 21:47

Not being facetious, but have you asked the Registrar?

I have to admit it's a long time since I asked the UK Registrar to approve a name that is in a grey area.  However in various other jurisdictions which use the old 1929 or 1948 Companies Acts it is not uncommon to ask.

By way of example Gibraltar restricts the word "Investment" (for regulatory reasons) but a letter to the Registrar explaining (for example) that the proposed xxx Investments is in effect a 'family office' company and absolutely will not seek to attract external investments usually gets the OK.

Likewise Cyprus won't allow "Cyprus XXX Ltd" but the Registrar can usually be prevailed upon to accept XXX (Cyprus) Ltd.

I appreciate that this does not answer your question but let's say your client wishes to register "Viagra[***] Ltd" but this name is restricted,  I'm not sure that Viagra[***] Trading Ltd would do it, but ACME Trading (Viagra[***]) Ltd might pass muster. 

Is there is an absolute ban on the chosen word (whereby, without the "body's" approval, it will be refused)?  Or is it along the lines of "approval should normally be sought etc."  I think if there is even a hint of discretion you should think up a few alternatives (as above) and ask the Registrar (in writing).  

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