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Resubmitting invoice with VAT after VAT registered

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I recently passed the VAT threshold and my accountant said I needed to resubmit my last invoice to my client to include VAT. My client said all accounts had been reconciled and therefore I couldn't resubmit an invoice and could only included VAT on future invoices. Can I submit a new invoice that's for the VAT amount only that I should have charged on my last invoice or is there another way around this?

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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
28th Jun 2022 15:56

You could issue a VAT only invoice.

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By SXGuy
28th Jun 2022 16:16

Sure, why not.

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My photo
By Matrix
28th Jun 2022 16:23

You can issue the invoice but your client may not pay it - what has been agreed commercially?

What is the date of registration?

I would get your accountant to explain the timeline properly since, if you have only just exceeded the threshold, then VAT registration should be prospective and not retrospective.

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By Paul Crowley
28th Jun 2022 16:32

This all depends on whether you want to keep the client

On submitting the application for registration did you understand the rules? Did you tell client that you had registered for VAT before doing the work?

How far back are you looking to go?
If your client is registered for VAT then it would cost him nothing. You could offer to wait 3 months for the Vat, so that client's cash flow is not worsened.
If client not registered for VAT then maybe you need to take it on the chin

Your accountant really should have gone throught his stuff with you

HMRC VAT have been a bit slow of late. How long did it take to register and get a VAT number?

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By Jason Croke
28th Jun 2022 16:51

+1 for issuing a VAT only invoice.

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