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Retail VAT scheme

Using retail vat scheme and start-up costs for small grocery shop

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Can someone please advise on whether it is possible to claim for start-up costs and other non stock purchases as part of the retail scheme (using the apportionment scheme). It would make sense that you can claim them, but obviously calculate separately from the core retail figures. I can't find anything on this from HMRC.  Thanks 

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By lionofludesch
10th Sep 2020 19:27

Yes of course.

Retail schemes are about calculating your output tax. Nothing to do with claiming input tax.

Just a warning. Retail schemes don't all give the same answer. Check them all out before you decide.

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By jem
11th Sep 2020 00:47

Thanks, I knew I was missing something obvious. I have looked at the different schemes. This method looks to be the most appropriate.

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