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i am thinking of retiring soon(ish) and have no idea of what to do with a block of fees of £120k in nottingham.
has anyone any advice on how to dispose of them
david howarth

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By Anonymous
13th Apr 2006 23:56

Why not speak with some practice disposal agents? I have had dealings with a couple and have found them very helpful.

I particularly like Helen Owens - Owens Professional.

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By susan_macharg
13th Apr 2006 20:26

Get a Legal Agreement!
I recently sold a block of fees which went horribly wrong when my buyer defaulted. Fortunately he had a continuity partner who has picked up the pieces but without my legal agreement it could all have gone pear shaped. The agreement cost me £1,000 and I have used it twice.

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By trevora
13th Apr 2006 17:14

Purchase of fees

My business partner and I are looking at purchasing some fees to set up our own practice. We were shortlisted to the final two on some previously however were not succesful. If you could email me some details of the range and type of fees you have I am sure we would be interested in purchasing them from you.


Trevor Ainslie
[email protected]

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