Retirement of Internet Explorer

Next year, not this month.

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Not a question but a comment.  There was a recent thread on here about the demise of Internet Explorer, which stated that it was being withdrawn on 22nd June.  The strong implication was that it was happening this month.

Upon re-reading the linked article, the retirement date is actually 15th June 2022 i.e. next year.  For those who still use IE at least part of the time (myself included), this may be of some comfort.

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
11th Jun 2021 10:38

Why do you care, other browsers are substitutable, including the replacement for IE, Edge?

I favour Firefox as it not linked to anything else I use, but I am finding that some platforms don't "support" it, and Chrome seems to be the de facto standard but if I use it I ensure I am not logged into Google as I don't want to be tracked/monitored etc.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
11th Jun 2021 13:34

I like firefox - but I find, in a work context, sometimes I am stuck with IE for pension websites and the like.

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