reverse charge con.. sales/expenses sage code t21

reverse charge construction sales sage code t21 + reverse charge expenses code t21 what the duck

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Ok it looks like sage in their wisdom - or should i say stupidness are using the same t code (T21)  in sage 50 for both reverse charge construction sales and reverse charge construction expenses to subcontractors. Does anyone know if my assumption here is correct (see link at bottom) - have sage just lost the plot with vat now by using the same code for potentially "sales" and "purchases" ??- in the old days i always felt sage t codes kept me right generally - particularly in the early days of transactions with europe - it seems like they are losing the plot rapidly in this regard.

Have sage completely given up now to the extent that the software will replicate the stupidness of sage one / sage cloud and default to treating subcontractor refunds posted as "t21 bank receipts to subcontractor expenses p&l nominal"  as being  "sales for reverse charge purposes" and customer refunds paid out "t21 posted as bank payments to sales nominal" - as being "expenses for reverse charge purposes - triggering output/input vat" - even xero has gone to the trouble of having specific nominal for "reverse charge expenses"!  Note the problem doesnt seem to be the same if credit notes are raised and payments posted via daybooks - but we have many clients who post stuff straight to nominal via bank.

Note ref sage cloud - i am aware there  slightly hidden boxes that sort the basic issue of sales refunds (direct to nominal) / expense refunds - but that involves entering manual transaction rather than using bank feed.

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