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Hi everyone

ive recently been pointed in the direction of Accountancy Manager as a software for my business. I have a small practice with approx 200 clients (ST/Pship/small Ltd Cos).

i was wondering if anyone could provide me with a review of Accountancy Manager based on their own experience.

i'm particularly interested in the AML arm of the software, as we currently use Creditsafe, which seems rather expensive

thanks in advance 

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
02nd Feb 2020 12:44

I cant speak more highly of Accmger.

If I hadnt had it for this past months '31 Jan pain' I wouldnt have been able to cope.

The e-signing section worked brilliantly. The majority of my clients are are non local or abroad so have to e-sign.

The support is good as well. When I couldnt work out why the names werent coming up on standard emails they were patience itself (my fault... I have a very old version of word.. they are up to date!!).

I'm still getting used to the different settings/templates/facilities but so far its been good.

If you want to view before buying suggest attend Accountex.

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Replying to Jennifer Adams:
By simonhyett
02nd Feb 2020 17:55

Thanks so much for the response. That’s really helpful!

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By Manchester_man
03rd Feb 2020 00:37

I use it and it is pretty good. I like the deadline manager, as it allows me to track all deadlines (inc. confirmation statements). It works well as a client database although I find the server to be slightly slow.

My only disappointment is that a lot of the functions rely on interacting with clients through the inbuilt portal, i.e. e-signing, engagement letters, the form function (where you can create forms for clients to complete).

I miss out on these features as I don’t use the portal. I tried using the portal, but the feedback I got was that many clients dislike them / don’t want yet another website to have to log into, which is a shame, as the engine seems to be centred around the portal.

If there anything better at the moment? Probably not.

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Replying to Manchester_man:
James Byrne
By jamesbyrne
03rd Feb 2020 14:21

Hi @Manchester_Man

We're looking at improving the client portal facility this year, if you have any suggestions please email [email protected], I'd like to do everything we can to improve your clients' experience using the portal.

In addition, it may be worth mentioning that there is a way for your clients to log directly onto their portal from your website, which avoids them having to go to separate places. Our support team can provide you with the HTML code to add to your website, you can reach them on 01926 355 366 (option 2). Hope that helps!

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James Byrne
By jamesbyrne
03rd Feb 2020 14:12

I just wanted to thank our users for their feedback and for your initial query Simon.

In terms of AML checks, you can manage the whole process through AM including completing risk assessments for your clients. Regarding the cost of AML checks, we offer them on a sliding scale from £3.70 for 10, right down to £1.75 for 500.

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