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Review only access to a clients online bank?

We are looking to get review only access with the ability to export transactions to CSV

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We are setting up a bank account for a new client who does not wish to use an online accounting package. I was wondering if any business banking accounts have the functionality where we can log in and export transactions from there bank account without being able to make payments.

Has anybody on here experience with this?



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By Moonbeam
13th Mar 2019 16:48

Santander has this functionality I think.

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By johnhemming
13th Mar 2019 17:04

In theory open banking should enable any one with a bank account to have some way of accessing their data without necessarily going through all the grief of specifically setting up an online account.

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13th Mar 2019 17:25

We've had this ability with Barclays for at least 5 years

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By bettybobbymeggie
13th Mar 2019 17:38

TSB also - access as a "delegate"

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Hallerud at Easter
13th Mar 2019 17:40

Clydesdale do- I have full powers but our property managers have read only powers (may have CSV abilities as they can print but as I do the CSV bit am not sure if they can or cannot)

Edit-This is with Business Online service

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By Cheshire
13th Mar 2019 19:37

Yes. I use it for Santander, HSBC, NatWest, Barclays, RBS & Ulster.

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By WhichTyler
13th Mar 2019 20:59

Lloyds, RBS (inc NatWest), AIB to name a few...

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