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RNRB with GWR rules

Cash gift pre 2015, still entitiled to RNRB?

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Mum sold home in 2014 and gifted proceeds to son to buy a house which she moved into. The house was solely in the sons name and whilst mum did contribute to bills she didnt pay a market rate and died in 2018 so caught by GWR rules and also have a failed pet but due to GWR thats irrelavant.

The question I'm trying to confirm is if she'll get RNRB, the house disposal was pre 8 July 2015, she would have never owned the property beyond the deemed interest under GWR so will is RNRB lost? The annoyance is with RNRB theres no IHT, without it there is as the gift was around 400k. 

Lots of guidance on parents passing properties to children then continuing to live in them but not much on cash gifts used to buy properties.

Thanks all in advance for help.

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By Tax Dragon
17th Jun 2019 15:47

Why are you doing the IHT? That's not normally the accountant's job.

Whatever, it's POAT, rather than GWROB, that's your (or someone's) issue.

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By jaxx789
17th Jun 2019 15:53

As a tax advisor we cover advice relating the the IHT liability and completion of the IHT forms

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