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RollPay - recommend?

Anyone used RollPay in the last few months?

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Would you recommend? 

Many thanks.

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By Counting numbers
10th Jan 2018 13:15

I had a conversation with them at Accountex last year because I was curious to know what they offered. They seem to be quite good at what they do but payroll can already be a lost leader. I prefer to do it myself so I can keep the profits in-house. It’s not complicated to do your own payroll with the help of good payroll software. Obviously, make sure you avoid paying huge amounts of money to the likes of IRIS or Sage. There are so many excellent payroll packages on the market at very reasonable prices.
Would you consider doing your own payroll?

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Replying to Counting numbers:
By nodhedz
30th Jan 2018 19:02

Thanks counting numbers.

We currently do the payroll ourselves for a handful of clients but as we are expanding we want to get this done externally - to free us up to concentrate on the advisory services.

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Replying to nodhedz:
By Counting numbers
06th Feb 2018 16:17

That’s fair enough! I find it so easy to it myself using Brightpay. RollPay seem to be quite expensive and I think they charge per payslip which will eat into any profit you make from payroll particularly with only a few clients.

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