RTI can I P45 someone mid month

RTI can I P45 someone mid month

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With RTI am I able to run a payroll for one specific leaver - submit the FPS and P45 them - then prepare the payroll for the rest of the company later in the month and send a separate FPS.  So in order words send 2 FPS's (1 with just the leaver on) - or do I have to run the leavers payment and P45 at the same time as the rest of the Company.

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By Euan MacLennan
02nd Mar 2013 12:22

Yes, you can

... run two payrolls and submit two FPSs in one month - just as weekly payrolls will require 4 or 5 FPSs in a month.

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By beverley
02nd Mar 2013 14:10

Fantastic - thanks Euan. 

Fantastic - thanks Euan.  Really appreciate your help - Id been totally confused on this.

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By dnicholson
02nd Mar 2013 23:04

And more

As already answered, yes you can.

And there's even more fun with the leaver - you can pay them after you filed that they left (payment after leaving), or even just start paying them again and when you file they will be considered to have not left.

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By Amoon
22nd Apr 2013 03:20

RTI leavers procedure

It would be most appreciated if Euan could explain further whether the final FPS for a monthly paid leaver is necessary to be made on or before leaving date, bearing in mind that in small businesses employees may leave work without prior notice and often this is known on a later date.   Standard final payment for leavers can be made on the normal payday on a FPS but with the leaving date entered.  Should there be any problem with this suggestion please advise further.


King Regards


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