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RTI Clanger - Sage 50 Payroll

RTI Clanger - Sage 50 Payroll

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Just submitted a FPS using Sage Payroll 50. I've printed various reports, including the P32 which all show the correct PAYE liability values. However the FPS submission print out shows 11 months of PAYE liabilities, as though this was the first submission of the financial year. It seems when I restored from the previous backup the submission for months 1-10 didn't load. I know I should have noticed this but as it stands HMRC are expecting a massive PAYE payment next month!

No idea what to do and was hoping somebody could help please? 

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By Euan MacLennan
25th Feb 2014 16:56

Sort the problem

... and file another FPS for Month 11 to amend the figures.

Or call Sage Support.

Or wait for Gary Ging (I hope I have spelt his name correctly) to come along and tell you what to do.

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By hkfinancials
25th Feb 2014 17:01

Restore problem

When you restored the data set you probably omitted to highlight the RTI files in the second step of the restore wizard which would explain your situation. Restore again and select the RTI Files this time. You will see that the "Last FPS date" column is now populated with the dates of the last FPS submission. I would then submit an FPS adjustment.

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By GA87
26th Feb 2014 08:39

The problem was that the IT team changed my settings so I couldn't read or write to the Sage folder on the C drive, where the RTI submissions are stored. The Sage backups are stored on another drive so when I restored everything was ok, except the RTI submission history.

They have resolved the problem so I can access the submissions for months 1-10 but the month 11 submission I made yesterday wasn't saved.  Sage won't let me send a FPS adjustment because as far as it's concerned a month 11 FPS hasn't been submitted so there isn't anything to adjust.


I thought a FPS adjustment might solve the problem but I'm going to ring HMRC now, Thanks for the help. 

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By gary.ging
26th Feb 2014 09:19

Hi GA87,

If you would like to PM me after you have spoken to HMRC I'll be able to advise what you could do, based on the advice you've been given.



Sage (UK)

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By jane2014
26th Sep 2014 20:00

RTI Sage Backup

Ahh- i have done something similar but Sage says I havent sent any FPS (which I have). I do a two weekly and monthly pay, and seems like since a back up at the start of Sep I didnt back up the RTI files. Not sure if I can just send an adjustment as mentioned above or if I need to re process each of the pay dates...



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