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RTI doubling up Employees NI!

RTI doubling up Employees NI!

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Is anyone else experiencing a problem I am having with RTI.

I am using Forbes Payroll. 

Many if not all of my clients where there is actually NI to pay (most of them are on NI threshold salaries) are getting phone calls from HMRC telling them they have underpaid their tax.

It always turns out that the amount by which they have apparently underpaid is exactly equal the Employees NI for the month.

The figures on the RTI submission are correct - but somehow the NI is being doubled up.

David Forbes has told us that this will correct itself in following month, and I have no reason to believe that he is wrong.

I'd be interested to know whether this problem is specific to Forbes or if users of other software are experiencing it - in which case it is an HMRC qlitch!

Either way it is annoying to get client phoning up to ask what we've done wrong, not to mention the time spent on it.



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By DMGbus
20th Jun 2013 08:54

PAYE overstated for one of my clients

For one of my client the FPS submitted on 28 May 2013 correctly printed out and stated £_1386.10 PAYE due (plus NIC).

HMRC online liability shows a figure £ 68.20 higher for the PAYE (but the NIC is OK and the EPS for SMP + SER is OK online).

The sum of £ 68.20 just happens to be equal to one employee's PAYE deductions - seemingly at HMRC end one employee (first in the list of three)'s PAYE has been added in twice by HMRC.

Phoned HMRC earlier this week (an hour on the phone).

First HMRC call agreed my figures - they couldn't see the £ 68.20 extra, so they referred me to Collector of Taxes,   Collector of Taxes could see the total figure overstated by £ 68.20 but not the breakdown (unlike earlier call).  Now left with HMRC to investigate and come back to me.

This is with Pegasus Opera 2 payroll software.

The HMRC phone numbers that I called were:

0300 200 3200 (option 3, option 3, option 2) - this one agreed the correct FPS figures and could not see the £ 68.20 extra - the assistant here could see  the correct PAYE figure of £_1,386.10 and how it was made up, but couldn't see £_1,454.30 as was displayed liability online.

0845 366 7816 (option 4, option 6) - this one could only see the overstated total (overstated by £ 68.20) but no breakdown of the £_1454.30 that they could see.




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to Chris Mann
20th Jun 2013 10:01

Thanks DMGbus.


 Problem is that all these phone call care so costly in time not to mention nerves!

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20th Jun 2013 10:03

Not just Forbes

We're getting instances of this. The employer helpline can see the correct figures and agrees with the P32 from our software. Meanwhile the accounts office asserts that the debt is higher (but cannot supply a detailed breakdown of why they hold that opinion, just a demand for the bigger figure that they've somehow arrived at).

Our opinion is that until the accounts office is in a position to supply detail to back its demands up they should continue to operate as they did before April 6th, where employer payments are accepted without question, mid-year. It is absurd to demand money without being able to supply a detailed statement of account to back the demand up.

We even had one instance where debt collectors turned up at the employer demanding 10x the p32 figure for month 1, yet the employer helpline agreed our month 1 figure in that case too. (no debt was carried over from the previous year, which had been paid in full)

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