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RTI EPS Quickbooks

RTI EPS Quickbooks

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Does anyone know whether Quickbooks has the facility to submit an EPS for the inclusion of CIS deductions or SSP recovery etc?  I cannot find mention of it anywhere within the software or on the Intuit website, and unfortunately no one is home within their support team on a Sunday afternoon.

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Greg Houston
By Greg Houston
12th Apr 2013 10:05

Time to RUN


One of our clients had similar problems and eventually gave up and moved to Sage with a little nudge from ourselves. So the only help I can give you is moving to Sage Payroll.


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Replying to mrme89:
By roshodgson
14th Apr 2013 00:50

Quickbooks EPS & FPS
Yes Quicbooks does have full EPS filing & HMRC compliance. It will allow you to adjust for CIS suffered & SSP/SMP recovery. Once your payroll is ready submit to HMRC & you have submitted your HMRC credentials the EPS screen will appear. If you have confirmed in the employees menu that you qualify for Small Employers Relief (SER) then the Statatory payments boxes are editable. The NIC Holiday & CIS suffered boxes are editable by all. The FPS submission is sent automatically when you file with HMRC. If you already have Quickbooks go to Help > search 'RTI' > go to the 'April Month End' section' . There is a full explanation on RTI & EPS submission. Hope that helps.

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