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RTI - my python (not Monty) has lost his way

RTI - my python (not Monty) has lost his way

I am not expecting anybody to be able to help with this one - but if anyone has an IT-lingo to English translation handbook ready could they explain this error when using HMRC Basic PAYE Tools 2013-14 to make (or to fail to make) an FPS submission?

C:\Program Files\HMRC\payetools-rti\python\\Ft\Xml\ FtWarning: Catalog resource (pep302://Ft.Xml/Share/ disabled: Error retrieving resource 'pep302://Ft.Xml/Share/': <urlopen error [Errno 0] Error: 'Share\\'>

Er, OK, thought not!

Will just make a cup of tea, have a sleep, maybe raise a family, whilst waiting for the HMRC helpline to get back to me on that one.



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10th Apr 2013 17:26

RTI - my python (not Monty) has lost his way

I was on for around 50 minutes three times yesterday before the phone just cut off.  The third time it got to 5 to 8 (I was eating my tea with my mobile on loud speaker whilst I ate - feeling aggrieved as was hubby!).  At 53 minutes to 8, a voiceover came on - we are sorry we cannot take your call at this time.  This was most probably as all the HMRC staff jumped down a fire pole to exit the building as quickly as possible. Tee Hee

I phoned at 8am this morning (still feeling the affects of the day before), and after about 10 minutes I got through to a lovely lady on the technical help team, who answered 4 questions most helpfully.

The main people answering dont seem to know much once it becomes technical, so after they have tried to help you for 5 minutes, ask to be put throught to a technician where you will wait for ages, but might just get through!

Good Luck.

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:14

Python programming language being used


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10th Apr 2013 17:42

Thanks for the responses

Thanks for that.

I have taken ultra-sophisticated hi-tech remedial action (i.e. switched the computer off and switched it on again) but to no avail.

I fear the python may have eaten the cat alive!

Woe, woe and thrice woe !

I think I will have a chocolate biscuit.  In the meantime HMRC tell me I have been "escalated" and I should expect a call back within 48 hours.

Just a bit worried that there seem to be references in some places to "Ft\Xml" and in some places to "Ft.Xml" . . .

However actual pay day is at the end of the month, so I expect it will be sorted by then!


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12th Apr 2013 13:22

And you know when you get that call back after 48 hours, you will be on another call and miss it, where they say, please call us back on this number - and the whole process starts again!!

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10th Apr 2013 23:28

If you get an error message

Just carry on as if there's no such thing as RTI until HMRC deal with it properly!

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12th Apr 2013 13:39

48 hours

The 48 hours has come and gone, but no call back from HMRC.

To be fair this is the first week of the year and there must be a very large number of employers calling the helplines this week with problems of one sort or another.

I am not going to try phoning HMRC again any time soon - I can listen to my own choice of music for free on my iPod!


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12th Apr 2013 13:58

Re-install didn't help

I have tried a few things like uninstalling and reinstalling.  I also tried uninstalling then installing the 2012-13 version of PAYE Basic Tools (which I didn't need and have never used) and then installing the 2013-14 version.

Same result.

Time for a cup of tea and another chocolate biscuit, methinks!

What I don't know is whether other people (especially anybody on a stand alone PC running Windows XP) is having the same problem submitting an FPS using HMRC Basic PAYE tools?


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13th Apr 2013 12:03

Ring, ring!

HMRC rang me this morning!

After the usual malarkey about me having to prove who I was (they having rung me?!) they asked me to email them a screenshot and some files.

Then I got an email saying, "Thanks, we will contact you in a few days - even if only to tell you when we are going to be able to help you" - or words to that effect.

Progress then!

Will celebrate with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.


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07th May 2013 16:10

HMRC got back to me

This is what HMRC have now said:

We have also identified that this problem will be experienced due to a missing component of Windows (that is, the ‘UTC’ registry key).

This is not due to a problem with Basic PAYE Tools RTI, but as this key is necessary to enable full functionality, it will prevent the successful submission of real time information to HMRC.

Information is available on the internet about registry keys. Although you can add the missing key back into your registry, HMRC cannot provide guidance about how to do this as it will affect the set up of your computer and we do not know why it was removed.

However, the update to Basic PAYE Tools RTI due at the end of May will introduce an enhancement. This will remove the necessity for this key to be present and will enable you to submit your information to HMRC.

In the meantime, you should continue to run your payroll using Basic PAYE Tools RTI, paying your employees as normal. You will be able to submit your RTI payroll information after you have installed the update.


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13th May 2013 10:37

From the horse's mouth

Here is HMRC's web page on the problem


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By jmpryce
15th Aug 2013 21:30



Was the problem with the python resolved by the May update?  Despite similar problems and eventually getting the May update I still cannot submit FPS.  HMRC tell me that they can't help and believe there is a problem with the system null file (whatever that is) on my computer, but eyeballing the logfiles myself, the python error message is still there so I am suspicious that I may not be alone?


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