RTI - weekly and monthly on one payroll

RTI - weekly and monthly on one payroll

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We have both weekly and monthly paid staff on one client's payroll.  At present, all the staff are entered under one employer on our payroll software (Moneysoft).  When we "run a payroll" for the weekly staff, there is no specific payroll run as such - we just enter the details and print the payslips and summaries for the weekly staff as a separate department.  When we run the monthly reports, 4 or 5 weekly "payrolls" are automatically included along with the monthly staff.

If we do this next year under RTI, what is included in the weekly FPS for the weekly payments?  Are all the monthly staff included with whatever YTD figures they may have, thus showing no payments on 4 or 5 successive payrolls?  Will the monthly staff then be treated as leavers?  Or will Moneysoft (and all the other RTI payroll providers) write their programs to exclude all staff not being paid on the particular date?  Or will we have to set up the weekly and monthly paid staff as if they had separate employers, but with the same tax references and details?

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By Luke
06th Mar 2013 16:10

Sample data file
On moneysoft you can reinstall the sample data file (I think from the file menu?). On there you can look at the RTI submission button and the reports it sends and who is included on both. It will probably answer your question.

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By Euan MacLennan
07th Mar 2013 10:11

The Moneysoft solution

Richard Carey of Moneysoft has been kind enough to answer my question by PM.

Basically, if there are any staff on a weekly pay frequency, Moneysoft is set up to submit 52 FPSs in a year, each one of which will show the YTD and current period pay for the weekly staff and the YTD figures for the monthly staff.  The weekly FPS before the monthly pay date will also include the current period pay figures for the monthly staff.

Staff marked as monthly will not be treated as leavers just because there are no current pay details on the intervening weekly FPSs.  However, if any staff are not paid when expected on their set pay frequency, and no leaving date has been entered, Moneysoft will automatically mark them on that FPS as having an irregular pay pattern to prevent HMRC treating them as having left.  That will deal brilliantly with "as and when" casual workers.

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By Luke
07th Mar 2013 11:11

Thanks Euan
That also answers my other question as to where to flag people as being irregularly paid, it now looks as though moneysoft will automatically do this for us. Brilliant.

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By J M Leach FCCA
18th Mar 2013 17:47

What about the "once a year" director?

That seems OK IF you go into and use the payroll on a regular basis.

What about the situation where a the small OMB limited company only uses payroll procedures to pay himself once a year, at the end of the tax year? He has no other employees.

There will be nothing to submit for the first 11 months of the tax year.

We want to set him up from 6th April 2013 as "irregularly paid" but can't see how.

Can anyone tell me if Moneysoft have allowed for this?

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Replying to firecodeblue:
By SE_Confused
18th Mar 2013 20:11

as you probably have seen in moneysoft already, you can enterr the pay in advance every month. i understand they will come up with an agent version that will allow you to file automatically without opening each file. so if you have several like this plus some monthly payroll, you could file everything in one go each month.

have not seen this yet but there is a video on their website  http://www.moneysoft.co.uk/support/payroll-software/video-RTI-batch-proc...


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