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Rubbish week item 3

Another bad day

I operate a payroll for a client with weekly paid employees and have set up a NEST pension fund. All has been going smoothly until one employee decided he wanted to be paid monthly

This I actioned for November but when I tried to send the contributions to NEST it refused to accept a schedule containing weekly and monthly paid staff.

Apparently the answer to the problem is that I have to set up another NEST pension fund for one monthly paid employee

What an utter waste of time.It almost makes HMRC look efficient


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By mrme89
24th Nov 2017 11:18

Bernard, I think it's time for you to shut the office door for the week and go to the pub.

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24th Nov 2017 11:57

I had the same situation, but it was a case of logging into the employer's NEST account, and just adding a new group within it.

Currently you'll have one group which are the weekly employees. You can create a new monthly group, and just add the employee into that.

I didn't find it particularly difficult or time consuming, so hopefully it's not as bad as you think, but famous last words!

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to Mr Hankey
24th Nov 2017 15:05

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that and meanwhile have asked NEST what they suggest

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24th Nov 2017 13:31

The whole AE system is a shambles.

I have this month had to set up 3 schemes each with one employee all of whom have there own pension arrangements.

So have to set up a ghost scheme opt in opt out shake it all about, even Bob Harper couldn't create any client value in that.

Its [***] like that just corrodes your time and don't get me started on the little Napoleons at the Pension Regulators and there new found powers.

Instead of Black Friday lets make this Rant Friday.

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By tom123
to Glennzy
24th Nov 2017 15:29

I must admit I like the idea of Rant Friday!

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26th Nov 2017 13:14

been advised by a 'company's pension provider insurance co' that whilst the OLD scheme is non qualifiyng -a new AE must be opened so that ALL the employees have to contribute the same amount as they currently do [ most > 3% today], and ER likewise @ their rather generous 5% or 10% level - depending on staff % contribution.
Seems only really to catch new employees post probation and exiting employees who opted out of contributing to the Old scheme, and post AE date who must now legallly personally contribute AE'd into new scheme.
still all the admin + oh new monthly AE charges not previously incured, inability to speak with anyone and additioanl uploads, seem to make this a rather useless option. Not a fan of AE - older schemes had the flexibility, ease of use, and cost less!

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