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I have got a SA Agent code for SA for my Limited Company.  However, I intend to dissolve the Limited Company and practice as a Sole Practitioner.  I wrote to Agent Maintainer Team stating this and enclosed Money Laundering confirmation.  I have received a reply from HMRC stating:  "You recently requested an HMRC agent code:" followed by:

Your Self Assessment agent code is BLANK! Nothing on the letter!  It goes on to say that clients can't be transferred between agent codes.  Advice please

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By bettybobbymeggie
25th Feb 2024 15:46

I can't think of a reason why you can't continue to use your old agent code(s). I use the same agent codes from when I was a sole trader despite now trading as a Limited Co.

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By philomena
25th Feb 2024 16:37

Thank you for that - I think that is why the letter did not show a new Agent code. However, did your clients have to sign a new 64-8? Many thanks.

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Replying to philomena:
By bettybobbymeggie
25th Feb 2024 18:30

No new 64-8's for me - we just carried on as normal.

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By Dougscott
25th Feb 2024 22:41

My various agent codes are sometimes in my name, sometimes in the companys name and sometimes in the trding name!

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By zxcvb
26th Feb 2024 10:32

I moved the other way (sole trader to Ltd) and was given new codes for SA, CT & PAYE and had to move all clients over individually (sending requests from new login)- it was a lot of admin and chasing clients for numerous codes each.

You need to ask HMRC for that number, otherwise on future 64-8s (or equivalent) you'll still have to use your dissolved company name.

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